Helping You to Excel

  • Coaching, Mentoring, Supporting
  • Customized Trainings for the Board of Directors
  • Creating Customized Infrastructure
  • Preventing & Overcoming Burnout
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Helping You Set the Course

  • Planning for the Future While Reaching Your Goals Today
  • Annual Directional Statements to Help You Stay on Target
  • Digging Out From an Organizational Slump
  • Creating a Fresh Look for a Revitalized Outreach
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Helping You Increase

  • Good Idea vs Vision with Purpose
  • Preventing Mission Creep
  • Getting Back on Course After Mission Creep
  • Speaking and Teaching, Both Keynote & Breakout Sessions
  • Online Book Study Groups
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Meet Karen Pennell

Decades of personal experience in both nonprofit and corporate worlds have provided wisdom that I share with leaders to help them excel in their role.  Vision, strategy and purpose are key for all leadership and can be overwhelming to achieve. I do not provide a cookie cutter plan, instead I customize the plan specific to your need.

I am the founder of Karen Pennell Consulting, a wife, mom to 4 adults, and grammy for three amazing grandkids.  I am consultant to nonprofit organizations and specialize in pro-life work.  My husband and I enjoy adventures- we recently moved from Lancaster County PA to Memphis TN!

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Next Steps...

I look forward to connecting with you today to help you excel, set the course and increase!