Helping You to Excel

  • Coaching, Mentoring, Supporting
  • Understanding the Importance of Your Position
  • Customized Trainings for the Board of Directors
  • Position Descriptions that Build Teamwork
  • Creating Customized Infrastructure
  • Staff Trainings that Give Buy In Power for Everyone
  • Preventing Burnout
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Helping You Set the Course

  • Planning for the Future While Reaching Your Goals Today
  • Strategic Planning that Works For You!
  • Creating a Custom Plan with a Purpose
  • Annual Directional Statements to Help You Stay on Target
  • Digging Out From an Organizational Slump
  • Creating a Fresh Look for a Revitalized Outreach
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Helping You Increase

  • Creating a Donor Retention Plan
  • Formulating a Plan to Reach NEW Donors
  • Good Idea vs Vision with Purpose
  • Growing as a Team
  • Preventing Mission Creep
  • Getting Back on Course After Mission Creep
  • Grant Writing Workshops
  • Speaking and Teaching, Both Keynote & Breakout Sessions
  • Online Book Study Groups
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Meet Karen Pennell

Decades of personal experience in both nonprofit and corporate worlds have provided wisdom that Karen shares with leaders to help them excel in their role.  Her highest priority is to help equip leaders,  ministries and organizations increase their outreach, expand their territory and excel in their leadership. Karen does not provide a cookie cutter plan, instead she customizes the plan specific to your need.  She serves organizations throughout the United States.

Karen Pennell is the founder of Karen Pennell Consulting, a wife, mom to 4 adults, grammy for three amazing grandkids and consultant to nonprofit organizations.  Karen and her family enjoys adventures- they recently moved from Lancaster County PA to Memphis TN.

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