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It's All About You!

I've been in your shoes.  I've walked as a CEO and Executive Director in the nonprofit world after serving in management in the corporate world. I understand the struggles that directors do not share with others.  I know the need to experience growth in donors and outreach.  I  am aware of the vision of what could and should be and the need to make it happen.  I've been in your shoes.

Expanding.  Even the word can cause both excitement and a squeamish feeling.  Leaders are in a unique situation- they must maintain the status quo and at the same time expand for the future. How can you spend time developing a workable plan when you are so very busy with the here and now? How can you take on more responsibility when you are already doing all you can possibly do?  This is where I can help you!

Together, We Can!

By strategically transitioning from the corporate world into the nonprofit world I've learned many valuable lessons that have helped position numerous nonprofit leaders and organizations for success.  You CAN excel.  Your organization CAN expand for the growing needs of your mission.  Let my experience help you!

Next Steps...

Let's talk.  I'm confident there is a solution to your situation!