Karen offers a level of professionalism and insight that is rare in today's market.  She is blessed with keen insight and is able to take 'all the mess' that is on the table and distill it down to find the hidden strengths and treasures of an organization.  She then uses those treasures to build a workable plan of attack for success.  Karen is available, consistent and will be an invaluable asset to your organization.  Her consultation will be worth your investment.   Nicole Bernacet, Executive Director of Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center, Queens NY

What sets Karen apart is the authenticity in the way she leads as well as her amazing ability to empower leaders and organizations.  She is fueled by a passion to see people experience the fullness of God and walk out the vision that He dreamed into their hearts.  I highly encourage each of you to partner with Karen to help you dig deep within yourself and clarify the message that is burning inside your heart to change the world.  Karen will help you achieve your dreams!  Amy Ford, President of Embrace Grace, author of A Bump in Life: True Stories of Hope & Courage during an Unplanned Pregnancy

I don't know of anyone who has a better handle on nonprofit leadership development than Karen.  She's undeniably gifted.  I have the highest respect for her knowledge and her wisdom, especially in difficult scenarios.  Cherilyn Holloway, Executive Director of Cornerstone Pregnancy Services, Elyria OH

Karen has been a vital presence in the forming of our community center.  She came to us at a time where our ideas were grand, but we lacked the knowledge on how to effectively accomplish them.  Karen was our lifeline to connecting those 'dots' from idea to reality.  She took a group of visionaries, offered her time, and guided us through the many details that are required to create an effective nonprofit.  She is extremely professional but at the same time has a lovely, fun personality that is a pleasure to work with.  She is organized, very knowledgeable, and an essential resource.  Ryan Enns, Executive Director of Westside Community Center, West Chester PA

Much of my law practice for the past twenty years has been dedicated to nonprofit ministries.  In all those years I have seldom seen a leader emerge with the skills of Karen Pennell. She is not only dedicated to the work of her ministry with her head but also with her heart.  She exercises her gift of leadership in such a way that others are brought along quickly and competently.  I believe Karen to be a woman of great integrity and recommend her most highly for any position calling for Christian leadership with great competency.  As a Roman Catholic, I must point out that Karen has used her remarkable talents to bring together a coalition of Roman Catholics and Protestants to serve the pro-life community with a great unity of purpose.  JO, West Chester PA

I can't thank you enough for your visit and counseling.  You were a gift and your timing was an absolute blessing.  We are still taking your advice and teachings and it feels like our organization is getting stronger and more confident.  We're looking forward to your next visit!  MT, Lousiana

As a member of the board I was very impressed with the all day seminar that Karen led.  The topics were well presented, have made a measurable impact on our board, and caused us to focus more on strategic issues. This seminar could not have occurred at a more appropriate point in the development of our ministry.  CL, Kennett Square PA

Thank you so very much for everything you provided while here.  I am very pleased with your training and am anxious to proceed on the path you helped establish.  I received good feedback from the board.  PG, Milwaukee WI

Karen is very knowledgable concerning all facets of nonprofits.  She has excellent organizational skills, sound judgement and she is very reliable.  She has served as a great mentor to me, giving advice and challenging me to take the next step. She is the type of person that will work hard and be successful in every endeavor.  GA, West Chester PA

Karen Pennell is a gifted and inspiring leader who has helped to equip and empower ministries all across North America.  Thanks to Karen, many nonprofit groups are in stronger financial shape and better able to pursue their vital missions.  She can do the same for your organization! DB, Washington DC

Karen is an organizer and problem solver.  Much thought goes into the things she does, and she has an unusual ability to notice what others overlook.  I could continue with descriptions of Karen's many other good qualities- her work ethic, her energy, and her creativeness to name three.  Instead I would simply like to say how much I think of Karen and how strongly I recommend her for any task that requires a high level of commitment. AB, Gap PA

Karen serves the community by mentoring nonprofit leaders to guide their organizations based on sound business principles.  Her professionalism is enhanced by her integrity, her wisdom and her networking savvy.  Karen's guidance equips nonprofit leaders to steer their organizations to achieve sustainability in all aspects of organizational functions from board development to succession planning.  MJ, West Chester PA

Karen is an enthusiastic and passionate leader.  A Christian who 'walks her talk' always encouraging and helping individuals to look at the glass half full as opposed to half empty.  She is sensitive to the needs of others and has a participatory style that is inviting and productive.  She makes a difference in all that she does.  She is a shining star that reaches out to touch hearts and minds, giving direction to the path of possibility.  GW, Coatesville PA