The End…or Is It?

It’s that time once again.  The time when we need to think about the last 12 months and consider victories…and even struggles.  We can learn from all our situations- every single one of them.

I believe relationships are key in life.  Jesus showed us how to care more about people than about ‘what they bring to the table’ in any given circumstance.  Everyone has a story. Some want to talk about it and others keep it very close.  Love opens so many doors to precious stories.  As I review 2018 I am reminded of the many incredible people I’ve met.  As a young girl I remember our Brownie troop meetings ending in a circle while we sang “Make new friends, but keep the old, one is silver and the other gold.”  I’m blessed by the amount of people I’ve met as well as continued relationships with my existing friends.

What were my plans going into 2018?  Did I accomplish them?  Honestly, in the midst of the year it occasionally caused me to doubt that I would accomplish what I hoped to, but then December came and I looked back and realized I could celebrate some awesome strides in my plans.  Perhaps the ones that weren’t accomplished will wait until 2019 or maybe they were just ‘ideas’ but not part of the vision God has for me.

I wonder what 2019 holds for me, my family, work…?  Some things will be a mystery until they come to pass.  Other things will happen as I intentionally move toward them.  Working intentionally toward goals means it’s time to write them down.  Without a target I most likely won’t hit what I need to aim for.  

How was your 2018?  What items are you intentionally aiming for in 2019?  Is it time to write your 2019 goals down?